Bill Gates takes FBI’s side against Apple


This is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. They are not asking for some general thing, they are asking for a particular case,” Gates told the Financial Times, with the headline “Gates breaks ranks over FBI Apple request,” and technology companies should be “forced to co-operate with law enforcement in terrorism investigations.”

But that was not the whole story. Bill Gates on Bloomberg later said he was disappointed” with headlines stating he sided with the FBI, “because it doesn’t state my view on this.” “It is a challenge to update the policies,” such as when the government has a right to know. He goes on to state that it is not an easy subject and there needs to be safeguards. The New York Times, USA Today, and Time clarify Gates’ opinions that this clash between Apple and the FBI opens discussion about what information the government should have access to and how much further it should go.


Jan 1, 1970 Bug on Apple iOS devices

The trolls were out again. The following image appeared on 4chan, then Reddit, and Facebook urging readers to change the date on their devices to January 1, 1970, bricking the devices. WIRED and Business Insider sent out warnings telling the public about the bug, which Apple was aware of.